Nadezhda Stefanova

#week 8, design principles …

During this course and the experience I felt, I can share my opinion that online communities where you can share your ideas, pictures and files are the most popular  and useful.My opinion is that every site should be categorized by different jobs that people have.The communication between the users will be faster and easier.Everyone will participate in the category that is interesting for him and in this way he will avoid the appearance of the annoying advertisements.

Nowadays, there are so many online networks and communities, but every site misses at least one good option. Ok, lets think why Facebook is the biggest one at the moment. If you use Skype, you can only chat and send pictures/music. The same is for the MSN. Another problem is that some of the services are paid and most of the people don’t want to pay every month to use them.But if you use Facebook, you receive the chance to share picture, ideas, files, music, talk with people by private messages and share the information about yourself that you want.Even Twitter does not allow these functions.

By making deep researches what users want, what are the mistakes of the already existing sites and how the technologies grow, we can receive an opportunity for creating a new better online community.

week 7, Design challenge …


This is a pretty interesting question and I consider that it is obligatory for a designer to participate in activity like this one at least once in his/her career  If I had a design challenge, of course I would join and participate in one of the types of online communities we have been researching,because I like new things in my life and I love challenges. Of course, it depends what means ”design challenge” - If I should manage an online community or just design something about this? It is an important factor the group you work with too.

We researched mainly Facebook and YouTube and my group tried to connect them with Tumblr, Yahoo and Google+. First of all,It will depend on the product I should promote. There are various of marketing strategies that I can use too. There are products that need deeper research among the customers and their needs. As my group has the idea to connect the biggest platforms in one, I think it is really cool and will work out for my design challenge.

What is more, if you don’t try you can’t understand do you like this job or not.

I personally think that it is not a job of the designer to research and explore the client’s desires. I believe that the designer should construct and create the product, while the marketers, sales managers, brand’s managers must learn what the market need and after that the designers to make it in real. But as I said in my first sentence, at least once every designers should accept this challenge,because designers are people who are open minded.

#week 6, Monitoring & Evaluation

This is our sixth week and the main topics are monitoring and evaluation.

First of all, let’s see what these words mean:

1) Monitoring is the systematic collection and analysis of information as a project progresses.It is aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of a project or organisation.  It is based on targets set and activities planned during the planning phases of work

2) Evaluation is the comparison of actual project impacts against the agreed strategic plans.  It looks at what you set out to do, at what you have accomplished, and how you accomplished it.  

What monitoring and evaluation have in common is that they are geared towards learning from what you are doing and how you are doing it.


I think that as an individual I have learned a lot about team work and how my work can be more efficient. What is more, I have learned more about what should I improve.Furthermore, I haven’t been before so ”online”, but at the moment I use my Facebook more and Tumblr and Twitter. 

What can I say about the group work is that everything going well. My group for Community project is very well-organized and we always get the things done. I must say that I like the way we are working with this group. I can say I am really happy with the results so far. We are going to do our multimedia presentation next week.

Regarding the whole class, I think that I am not the person who can evaluate and monitor all the people, but I believe that everyone has a progress and learn new things every day. 

#week 5, Facilitation ….

When I am thinking about my education and learning, there are no doubts that the people of my groups and the instructors play an very important role. Of course, the most important are the teachers and the ways of teaching. When we are talking and discussing the new tasks, I can always learn new things ad receive more knowledge from both - my classmates and my teachers. I really appreciate it.

I like the atmosphere of IDE program, because it is more friendly and all of the instructors are treating us not only just as students, but as friends. There is no problem if you have a question and just go to ask them or even if you want you can write them on Facebook. I think that their attitude towards us define the nice and friendly atmosphere during the classes which I can say is an example of facilitation. I love that everyone respects the others and there is no discrimination. Giving and receiving a feedback is also really useful too. I mean that the feedback in general is something really important not only for students, but for working people too. It is amazing when you receive someone’s opinion. It is not obligatory to be a positive opinion, because we should sometimes teach ourselves from the mistakes we have done. Different cultures, different thoughts, different opinions - it is always good to understand what the other people think too. The conversations with Nancy are so funny and helpful too. This is another example how we can manage the serious part with more random and funny part.

For your commenting on others’ blogs this week, maybe you notice where another colleague has contributed to your learning through their facilitation and let them know when/where it happened and how it was of value to you. Are you game for that?

 Of course, I am going to do that ! 

#week 4, Technology Stewardship and my personal choices …

This is my fourth blog and week after week I am feeling more and more confident what to write and what I do which make me really happy.

Well, the topic of week 4 is ” Technology Stewardship”.  To be honest, I have never been thinking before about the meaning of this concept and what exactly are doing these people, but that is why I am going to school and I could say that I am studying new things every day …. :)))

The next topic questions are: How much does your personal preference drive your tool choices? What if everyone else in your group had different preferences? How would you proceed as you steward the technology? Does looking at others’ preferences and perspectives change your view as a tech steward? Challenge you?

Like an answer of the first question, I can say that my choices are driven by my personal preferences and the way that I would like to use them and the connection with the people I want to communicate with. I have accounts at different social networks and platforms, because I love trying new things. That is the reason why I was so happy when we started blogging here. In the beginning I really had no idea how this site works and how can I use it, but now I can share my happiness that I am very into it. 

Secondly, my personal opinion is that it is normal for everyone to have different preferences. Everyone has the rights to make an own choice. Technology is just the same like fashion for example. Everyone has different vision or idea so this is normal in one group to have people with different preferences. If it happens, the group is a group, because all members should make a decision together and they must choose the best way for communication for their work. To be honest, I believe that all groups from IDE for example for Project Community or Personal Branding have chosen Facebook, because all of us use it every day and it is the easiest way to receive a free message by the fastest way. 

The third question really made me think a lot and I am still not completely sure how to answer, but when I know that I influence people and I have enough experience in the area of technology for sure I will try to make my best and I will address their needs in a good way and give to people what the users want. 

No, no , no - I can answer to the fourth question. I have my own preferences and I love following them. I am very conservative sometimes - I love trying new things as I said, but when I used to do something for a long period of time it becomes part of me and I cannot ”cheat”.

#week 3, working in group ….

Well, this is my third personal blog and my opinion is that this week the topic of the theme is really interesting and I consider after a diligent research that nobody has the right answers of the questions about the groups sizes and mainly about the group work. 

Working in groups has its ups and downs. The sentence which the best could describe working in groups -  it is something really challenging !

My personal opinion is ….

Teamwork has never been my biggest dream or let’s say my strongest suit. I don’t like working in group maybe because I don’t like to depends on other people and I am also more organized when I know that I should finish my work alone. I am sure it is not a good quality of myself but I hope this course will give me the opportunity to explore the working in groups and see the good sides. So I can say that this the challenge for me!

The big question is …

The members of each group are different people and all of them have divergent ideas what is correct, how the working process should go and etc. But the main question here is exactly how people with different minds will collect efforts and will finish the work on time.

First of all, I think that the group members should know each other and what are their work methods. I don’t think that people with big differences in the mind will do a good job. Secondly, all of them must know why they are in this group and what are their ambitious. Thirdly, the group members must have a plan and follow it strictly. In this way the work will be done on time.  

My group now is …

I like you, guys ! :))

Luckily,everyone from our group are doing the things we were said to do. Our team, however, works very effective. We can see this from the grade of the first week. The bad thing is the organization when we are 6 people, because everybody is busy and has something else to do but at the moment we give our best and we haven’t got any problems.

What is more, I think that we should try Mr. Chris Corrigan`s experience: to separate our team to 3 small groups, and each group will have 2 people.


Nowadays everyone has Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or etc.

For example, in Bulgaria there are also another blogs and online communities that are not famous here( maybe in every country people have their small online networks ). What I would like to say is that most of us use the social networks - it doesn’t matter if they are more popular or not. 

Thanks to the new technologies and the smart phones most of us use them to take a look at the social networks very often even we are not at home and we don’t use a laptop. For example, my phone gives me a notification every time when I receive a new message on Facebook and I love this option because I keep in touch with my friends and family non-stop.

I use the online space mostly as an individual, but I also participate in many groups and fan pages. I am a member of school groups, a group of my city and just randoms with my friends.

I can boldly say that’s the easiest way to interact with people all over the world.

I’ve always been wondering if people prefer to talk face to face or by internet and this assignment helped me to understand the answer of this question.

I asked my friends list on Facebook and all of them who posted told me that they prefer to talk personally and they use the social communities only for fun and random conversations. One of the answers is an example that Facebook is not convinience for serious love conversations with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Another theme discussed on Facebook is Skype - this is a programme that can provide us conversation with image but most of people said that they use it only when the distance is big. 

No one of them did not answer me with the opposite sentence. I think that their response was very clear and my opinion is also the same. 

What do you/we need and want to learn as you/we explore the application of online communities and networks to open innovation design

What do you/we need and want to learn as you/we explore the application of online communities and networks to open innovation design?

After carefully researching of online communities I understood that the experience is very important because in this online sphere of communication are shared many opinions based on own experience. To be an innovation successful it has to based on surveys and deep researches but the most important is that everything is based on the client’s opinion. That is why because people say if something will have success or not. The innovation has to match the needs and wants of the customers. Thanks to the researches the innovation is something useful for the people/business. Nowadays it is all about communication.